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GLORIA Hayes #10424

Owner / Soul Moon Massage Studio

Gloria A. Hayes is a State licensed and credentialed massage therapist and a practicing Reiki Master who has been practicing for 10+ years. She is continually updating her education to provide the most client focused massage and Reiki sessions available. Gloria believes that all forms of massage and Reiki are beneficial as well as having the ability to be life changing. She has seen through her many years of practice the positive effect that massage and Reiki have had on her clients. When she attended Concorde, she was an ambassador for them before she finished her massage education. She graduated as  Salutatorian of her class. She went on to serve on the massage advisory board for Concorde. She was then interviewed and hired as an instructor with them before deciding she wanted to become an entrepreneur and work for herself. She's been doing that since 2018. She loves her work in fact She said she really doesn't consider it work at all She said it's more her life's passion to be a catalyst in providing positive change in the clients lives she's been privileged to work with over the years. She is looking forward to many more years in this rewarding field.

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